Monday, November 14, 2011

The Tunnel

Last summer I decided to build a poly tunnel - a real polythene tunnel. The cover on the last one blew off in the wind a few times. This is it behind some good looking beans, spinach and broccoli.

The original poly tunnel

The new tunnel has a metal frame, concreted in posts, and a real polythene cover. It is 14 metres long by 6.2 metres wide. Boxing Day 2010 was windless with not much else happening, so Caley & I put the cover on by ourselves and started to move some of the benches inside.

Inside the new, much larger and more substantial poly tunnel

Today, it contains a bed for tomatoes, zucchinis, Lebanese cucumbers, capsicums, and there's also some lettuce and spinach under-planted. We have also moved in two cumquat's that came up from Sydney and have since struggled with the climate, plus a lime and lemon tree. These will probably live in here permanently, the lime in particular is thriving.

Tomatoes and Zucchinis

At the southern end is where I root cuttings in the misting chamber, and have workbenches for potting them up.

Separate misting area on right

Zucchinis grow so quickly in the heat of the tunnel. They're almost ready. And it's unlikely that the 'roos will venture into the tunnel, so we might get to harvest them soon.

Zucchini flowers

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