Monday, December 24, 2012

Garden in December

The garden has a few new ironstone walls, and some of the flowers are showing signs of recovery after the the 'roos have left. Early  morning is the best time to shoot - photos, not 'roos. The thyme and salvias are thriving - the 'roos tend to avoid them. Although, the strawberries behind are a favourite of theirs, we've put mesh over a small area, they can share the rest with the bower birds and currawongs.

This area close to the pizza oven is a favourite of mine, it shows the tiers of rock walls we've built to define areas for planting.

The herb garden - thyme, oregano, rosemary and sage, with a few curry plants, lemon thyme and mint hidden amongst them.

New rock wall lined with hebes and westringea.

Cales and I have been experimenting with concrete garden art. We started with a couple of spheres. They fit in well with the salvias, dianthus and ironstone.  The mulched areas will be massed with flowers eventually.

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