Saturday, December 24, 2011

Roos at dawn

Well, not actually Roos, but Roo singular.  And to be perfectly accurate it wasn't dawn either; dawn happened a couple of hours earlier.

We had one Grey Kangaroo munching the new grass. She stayed around an hour, not perturbed by us taking photos only a few metres away.  No sign of eating the flowers either, just interested in the grass.

Posted by Keith

Edited to add:  She decided to return again at dusk tonight for another grassy meal.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas time

Our front door wreath made by Keira and Keith, from gum leaves.

Inside the entry, we now have a garland decorating the staircase.  It has lots of white roses, silver baubles and berries and looks great.

This is one of those 'book wreaths'.  I actually made this last year and we liked the way it looked in the dinning room - so we left it there all year!

Our tree - with a new star this year.

Made by Keira with the help of the hot glue gun and lots of twigs from outside the back door.

The fireplace with picture by Cal and crotchet stars. (The pebbles around the candle holders are from our holiday in Nice.)

Also in the family room . . .

And, my favourite - our reindeer.  I bought him from Dural Christmas Tree Farm about 10 years ago and every year Keith threatens that he'll be firewood next year . . .  But I do love him and when he's out you know it's really Christmas!

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