Sunday, September 30, 2012

Open Gardens at Mt Wilson

We visited Mount Wilson on Sunday to get some inspiration for our garden. We usually only visit Mt Wilson when we are camping or canyoning, but this weekend there were many gardens open to the public. Although there are over a dozen gardens open, we only managed to visit three of them - Nooroo was the first.


It is famous for it's wisteria collection - a little disappointing although it is a little early to expect any flowers.

It's a beautiful garden with a country feel - wide walks with massed colour.


We visited Breenhold after lunch. It is a huge private garden - 12 acres - all full of interest.  It's known for it's clouded azaleas. The hedge lining the long curving gravel driveway is a taste of what's to come.

After greeting the owners we followed their recommended route around the property. And soon came to a beautiful pool, surrounded by mossy local stone. The brolgas were the first of many tasteful pieces of garden art to be found.

After meandering through the cool shade we came to a grassy area and our first sight of the clouded azaleas.

A more formal area was next - a perfect curve lined with precision cut box and more azaleas.

The topiary continues....

Around halfway through the garden this delightful gravel path wended it's way around a large man-made lake. The vegetation spilling onto the path is a fantastic look - it's clean, looks natural, is low maintenance and feels like it's been there forever.

This is just a taste of Breenhold - highly recommended.

The third garden was very disappointing - make sure you start with a well known garden and get a recommendation about other gardens that are worth seeing.

Yengo is definitely on the agenda for 2013.....

The climate at Mt Wilson is very similar to ours, many of the species will thrive here at Hat Hill Farm. We took hundreds of photos - I hope we can replicate the 'look'.

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