Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Planting

The weekend saw lots of planting.  Three varieties of salvias - around 20 in all, a wormwood, a dozen cat mints, a dozen chrysanthemums and some verbenas - all propagated in the tunnel.  Salvia guaranitica 'Omaha Gold' has particularly interesting variegated foliage.  It appears to grow fairly quickly and is easy to propagate - we're expecting blue flowers.

We bought a few seedlings - capsicums, zucchinis, Lebanese cucumbers - all planted in the raised bed in the poly tunnel, next to the tomatoes.

We also bought a curry plant - the smell will always remind Keith of walking in the Flinders Ranges last year.

Sunday was a beautiful warm and sunny day so we decided to go for a bike ride along a fire trail.  It gave us some nice views back towards our place and the valley surrounding us.

Afterwards, we headed to a local nursery that has a new cafe.  After milkshakes and a good look around we left with two purchases.  Ceratopetalum gummiferun (NSW Christmas Bush) is something I've wanted to try growing here for a long time.  Mainly because I love the red flower bracts at Christmas time and baulk every time I see how much florists charge for a bunch . . .

We have also been investigating what sort of climber to grow on the front facade of the house.  Boston Ivy seems to suit.  It has the look we're after and is self-supporting, plus can look stunning in Autumn.  The only issue may be that the location is quite shady but we'll give it a try.  We found one at the nursery today and have planted it with a few wire supports to get it started.

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