Saturday, October 15, 2011

On Display

This week saw Caley's crystal and fossil collection come out of various boxes in his room and be put on display in the entry of our house. 

I found the display case on Ebay, it was very cheap and turned out to be twice the size I thought it was going to be . . (must remember to check the measurements more accurately!).


Once home, I gave it a good clean and moved a desk from another room into just about the only place in the house where it would fit.  Caley arranged the crystals and used a reference book to check on some of the names he wasn't sure of.

We printed out some labels and added a few relics we found in a corner of our block where someone must of had a camp a long time ago, and an emu egg from our trip last year to Western Australia.

I'm so happy with the way it has turned out.   As we walk through the house now, you can have a look as you go past.  So many of the different pieces have special memories for Caley depending on where he collected them or remembering who it was who gave them to him as a gift.

And, as Caley pointed out, there is still plenty of room for the collection to continue to grow!

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