Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long weekend

Had a lovely (birthday) weekend.

Planted a Magnolia x Soulangeana, purchased from the nearby Weber's Nursery. I've loved this type of magnolia for a long time. As a kid I can remember them coming in to flower in and around the suburb I grew up in in Sydney. So pleased we've planted one here. Of course it's just a stick really at the moment . . . but hopefully when spring comes I'll be able to take some photos. (Weber's also has a cafe that I'd recommend. It serves really lovely cakes and is great value for money.)

Saw this new Australian movie (which is fantastic), at the wonderful and slightly quirky Mt Vic Flicks.

Had much fun playing with my new toy, this great digital internet radio. Now we're listening to music from all over the world despite living in a non-digital radio part of Australia.

Visited the local Growers Market. Which has an amazing range of products. I love talking to people who actually make things! Each time I go I meet new people, and this time I discovered there is a buffalo farm in East Kurrajong. Their ice cream made from buffalo milk was sensational.

Enjoyed spending time with visiting family. A weekend visit is the best way to catch up!

But I'd have to say the highlight was High Tea (with champagne!) at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba. This was a lovely way to celebrate a birthday with the whole family and a great thing to do in the mountains on a misty, winters day.

Having the extra day off school/work made such a difference!

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