Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This morning Keira is waking up after sleeping out in a tent with her school friends. The morning is beautiful and it's going to be a lovely, autumn day.

I watched as the colours increased in the sky from about 5.30 to 6.00am, loving the temperature outside and feeling the night slip away.

Sometimes people step into your lives and cause a great deal of upset. It's hard to keep steady, especially when it is your children that have been hurt most of all. But this morning, having a cup of tea with Keith before he left to catch the train to work, I felt the strength of our family and I am resolved to spend less time caught up in the issues of others who do not really have anything to do with us. 

1 comment:

  1. It's sometimes hard to stay out of issues that swirl around you, so good on you for having the resolve to walk away from this one. Good luck with that.

    I've just caught up on previous posts too - *love* the eggboxes!


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