Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden inspiration

Yesterday, we spent a few hours wandering around the grounds of Mayfield Garden. It is a very large, cool climate garden near Oberon in the Central West Tablelands, west of Sydney.

It is on a very grand scale, and while we have much more modest plans (and budget!), it was still very inspiring and impressive to see what can be accomplished.

Today, it was back to planting out seedlings, giving everything a good dose of fertiliser and trying not to feel too overwhelmed by what there is still to do . . .

Some of the photos we took at Mayfield:

Chapel doors, made from recycled sheering shed timber.

View from Chapel down to House.

Walking through the tunnel, under stone bridge.

Orchard with the chickens let out to free-range (corner of Glass House).

Espaliered Apple Tree Walk.

Corner of the Potager, with herbs, vegetables, espaliered fruit trees and water feature.

Small door in corner of Potager.

Looking into the Glass House from the Potager.

Part of the Sunken Parterre Garden.

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