Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the Doorstep

Just outside our kitchen is a small herb garden.  It is so handy for quick pickings when your cooking.  The bigger vegetables all get planted in the much larger garden down near the poly tunnel and chickens.  But this garden, close to the house is perfect for the things we use the most.

At the moment, it's planted with lots of parsley, rocket, chives and lettuce.  The first lot of basil has also just gone in.  (I'm keeping a pot of this on the windowsill in the kitchen too, because the temperature can still drop quite low at the moment.)

We started off with just herbs in here, way back in 2008 when Keith first built the garden. But we have since moved the thyme, oregano, sage and rosemary out onto the sloping bank next door to this area.  

First plants to go in - October 2008

I really like the look of these plants, particularly thyme and sage, used as regular plantings and not confined to the productive part of the garden.

Lots of Thyme (and Sage in flower at back)

Lots of herbs are flowering at the moment and it's interesting that they are mostly purple. I think they all look great together.

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