Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Part of living in bushland like we do involves co-existing with the local wildlife.  Normally this is something we appreciate about where we live. Seeing wallabies close to the house has always been lovely, and we have even been quite accepting when we see them near the vegetable garden. But when we looked at our fruit trees recently and noticed that they have been completely stripped of every leaf, bud and flower, well, it was more than a bit frustrating.

So, this weekend, as a quick fix, we put some star pickets and wire around each of the trees that are the start of our orchard.  (3 x apples, 2 x cherries, 1 x mulberry, 1 x nectarine and 1 x apricot).  Hopefully it'll be enough to give them a fighting chance.

Cherry Tree - completely bare.

Apple - only high branches in middle have leaves left.

Mulberry - maybe they don't like mulberries?  Or maybe they were next!

For Fathers Day this year, the children gave Keith an Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis intermedia) shrub.  It's not a plant that either of us is familiar with and we have been watching it recently as the flowers have started to open.  On Saturday, when I expected them to be fully opened, we discovered that they were gone completely.  Not sure if it's possums or wallabies this time.

Planted 4th September 2011

Also, recently planted - 2 roses. Both are doing well in a large planter box, with the Iceberg flowering now.  Hopefully we'll get to enjoy them before something has them for breakfast!

After enjoying over a week of beautiful warm, sunny weather the mist and rain has just rolled in. This will be great for the grass seeds we put out on Saturday but not so great for Keira who has headed off to camp with her year group from school for the rest of the week. They are camping out in the Kanimbla Valley and will be doing lots of hiking, orienteering and abseiling. I hope they have fun despite the wet weather!

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